Full TV Credits – Producer/ Director throughout; Producer/Director/Writer since 1976.

2013/4 SECRETS OF THE VATICAN; Documentary special for WGBH
2012/3 QUESTIONING DARWIN; Documentary special for HBO
2010 FOR NEDA; Documentary Special for HBO.
2009 HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT GOD EXISTS?; Documentary single for Channel 4
2008 THE QUR’AN; Two hour documentary for Channel 4 & National Geographic
2006 THE TANK MAN; 90 min. documentary special for Channel 4 & WGBH
2005 MIDDLE SEX (US Title: Middle Sexes: Redefining ‘he’ and ‘she); 90 min. documentary special for Channel 4 and HBO
2004 THE ANCIENT GREEK OLYMPICS (US Title: The Real Olympics); 2 x 1 hour docudramas for Channel 4 and PBS
2003 FLESH AND THE DEVIL (US Title: Celibacy); 90 min. doc. special for Channel 4, HBO & CBC
2001 CHRISTIE’S STORY; documentary single for ITV & Discovery
2000 MIRACLES (US Title: A Question of Miracles); 90 min. documentary special for ITV, HBO & CBC; two one-hour documentaries for international release
1998 FAT; (6 x 30 min series) for ITV, WGBH & CBC
1997 TWINS - THE DIVIDED SELF  (US Title: Body Doubles - The Twin Expercience)' documentary single for ITV, HBO & CBC
1996 BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH; documentary single for ITV & CBC
1995 MAN & ANIMAL (US: To Love or Kill: Man vs Animal); documentary single for ITV & HBO
1994 IN SATAN’S NAME; documentary single for ITV & HBO
1992 HEAVEN MUST WAIT (US Title: Never Say Die); documentary single for ITV & HBO
1987 THY KINGDOM COME; THY WILL BE DONE; 2 x 1 hour documentaries on the Christian Right in the United States for ITV & WGBH
1980 DEATH OF A PRINCESS; 2 hour drama for ATV, WGBH, NOS (Holland), Channel 7 (Australia), Channel 2 (New Zealand), Telepictures Inc., Eastern Media Corporation
1978 THE SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCE; 3 x 1 hour documentary series for ITV
1976 THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE INDIFFERENT; 90 min documentary special for ITV
1975 THE ARAB EXPERIENCE; 3 x 1 hour documentary series for ITV
1974 WHERE HARRY STOOD; documentary single for ITV
ONE MAN ALONE; documentary single for ITV
1973 THE JAPANESE EXPERIENCE; 3 x 1 hour documentary series for ITV
1972 HANG OUT YOUR BRIGHTEST COLOURS; The Life & Death of Michael Collins; 90min. documentary special for ITV
1971 SURRENDER TO EVEREST; 2 hour documentary special for BBC
1970 PORTUGAL, DREAM OF EMPIRE; 2 x 1hour documentary series for ITV
1969 WAR IN THE ZAMBEZI VALLEY; documentary single for ITV
THE GOLD RUN; documentary single for ITV
1968 MOTORWAY; documentary single for ITV