"Antony Thomas is one of the finest film-makers working in television."
Daily Telegraph, UK.

"A shining example of creative film-making ... Not a frame is wasted. Subtle twists abound. [Thomas] makes us watch the television screen differently; he treats us as grown-ups ... Films such as Thomas's - works of probity and creative intelligence - will one day be looked back on as one of the high-water marks of achievement in 20th century analogue television."
Sunday Times, UK.

"Antony Thomas's work is religious; potent with image and anthem and passionate conviction ... His programmes are always powerful, beautiful, musical, and they are always his programmes."
The Guardian, UK.

"Like Dickens, Thomas is a Briton who represents two of the best traditions in British journalism; a fearless sort of aggressiveness and a freewheeling personal involvement, tempered by sympathy for others ... His visual style is rich in portraiture and detail."
San Francisco Chronicle.

"If there was a Nobel Prize in investigative documentaries and topical journalism - and there certainly should be - the first prize-winner would be self-evident: Englishman, Antony Thomas. Behind him, Thomas has documentaries that have won acclaim throughout the world."
Expressen, Sweden.

"Antony Thomas's sureness of touch and power of evocation is unparalleled among documentary film-makers."
Sunday Times, UK.

"Antony Thomas asks questions, he listens, he documents. It is the quality of his attention that shapes the character of his work. He lets a story tell itself - the finest technique of all."
Today, UK.

"Thomas knows how to ask deep-felt, piercing questions without being hostile, and he knows how to keep the footage tense and dramatic."
New Yorker.

"Mr. Thomas is a fine film-maker. He knows when to let the camera linger, cold eyed, and when to have it sweep majestically across a scene. He has a passionate view of things.”
The Listener, UK.

"If you choose your programmes by the producer, and it's the only way to bet, anything by Antony Thomas is vital viewing."
The Guardian, UK.

"In interviews with the rich, the poor, the powerful and the exploited, Thomas has a way with nuance. His questions are excellent and his cameras are attentive to the ever-revealing unconscious mannerisms ... Film-making not to be missed.”
Newsday, USA.

"Documentaries of the highest standard, equalled only by the films of Costa Gravas. Thomas's deeply felt, unsentimental approach."
De Volkskrant, Holland.

"The finest example of television film-making, deeply touching and humane."
Trouw, Holland.